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    Forum on science leading the construction of the world-class salt lake industrial base & Comprehensive matchmaking meeting between ISL and Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd. held in ISL
    Update time: 2022-02-23
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            From January 12th to 13th, the forum on science leading the construction of the world-class salt lake industrial base & Comprehensive matchmaking meeting between Qinghai Salt Lake Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISL) and Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd. (SLIC) was held in ISL. The meeting aims at deepening the industry-university-research cooperation, giving full play to the importance of scientific and technological innovation, and helping the construction of the world-class salt lake industrial base. Wu Zhijian,the director of ISL, and Yu Qiuping, vice president of SLIC, attended the meeting. More than 200 people participated in the meeting, including the technical backbones of companies affiliated to SLIC (Project Management Company, Science and Technology R&D Center, Sanyuan Company, Yuantong Company, Technology Company, Potash Fertilizer Branch, Lanke Lithium Industry and Special Magnesium Company) as well as employees and graduate students of ISL.
            At the forum on the 12th, Wu Zhijian hoped that the two parties could deepen cooperation via academic exchange and effectively play the leading and supporting role of scientific and technological innovation, contributing in the construction of the world-class industry base of salt lake, and promoting the high-quality development of Qinghai salt lake industry. Mr. Yu Qiuping expressed his gratitude to the ISL for its long-term support. He hoped that the two parties could always support and cooperate closely with each other, continue to probe into the key technologies for the development of salt lake industry. 
            In the main report section of the forum, in order to achieve the major project layout of “stabilizing potassium, expanding lithium, and breaking through magnesium”, researchers made presentation and the main points are as follows:(1) Factors such as water and recoverable resources have become the key, and the ecological environment changes in the salt lake area under the influence of climate change and the development of salt lake were discussed; (2) Specific ideas are put forward for the early warning of resourceful and environmental carrying capacity and the optimization of the moderate scale of salt lake. And plan for the next high-quality development of salt lake water resources utilization; (3) The new technology of gradient coupling membrane separation, the construction of a new plant for the production of 10,000-ton lithium carbonate, and the recycling of brine and fresh water resources were analyzed; (4) The market prospects and development opportunities of magnesium-based compound functional materials, magnesium-based cementitious materials, and magnesium-based metal materials, as well as the main challenges facing basic theories, key technologies, production equipment, and green intelligent manufacturing are analyzed. 
            This forum and the matchmaking meeting are an opportunity to deepen the establishment of a national key laboratory for the protection and utilization of salt lake resources, and a powerful measure to carry out the pilot task of deepening the institutional reform of scientific research institutes and enhancing capabilities of independent innovation. The two parties further had a new understanding on how to establish a mechanism of cooperation for green, efficient,energy-saving and eco-friendly development technologies for salt lake resources as soon as possible. This is vital for the optimization and upgrading of the product structure of Salt Lake, the planning of the high-end industrial chain of Salt Lake in the future, the breakthrough of key technologies, and the integration and development of the Salt Lake industry and other industries.

    Director Wu Zhijian gave a welcome speech

    Yu Qiuping delivering a speech

     Participants watching the promotional videos

     Group photo of participants

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