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    Sino-Laotian Research Center of Exploration and Comprehensive Utilization of Salt Mineral Deposits
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    A Sino-Laotian research center for exploring and comprehensive utilization of salt mineral deposits (SLRC) is agreed to be founded by ISL and the Institute of Science and Technology of Laotian MOST, based on the memorandum signed in the meeting of Laotian and Chinese ministers of Ministry of Science and Technology of both countries in April 2009, and further negotiations.  

    The mission of SLRC is as follows: (1) Prospecting of Laotian salt mineral deposits; (2) Research on technologies for mining, processing and comprehensive utilization of salt deposits, which are pertinent to the societal and economic development of Laos, and conform to local natural environmental conditions, featuring high standards of environment-friendliness; (3) Offering technologies including prospecting, mining and extraction, processing and comprehensive utilization of salt mines to active enterprises engaged in this field; (4) Research on new methods and techniques for mineral utilization; (5) Study on engineering, industrialization and system integration of new processes, promoting the conversion of technologies to practical productivity, and boost Laotian societal and economic developments; (6) Upgrade Laotian science and technology in mineral prospecting, development and utilization, and environmental protection; (7) Boost construction of Laotian R&D staff, and continually improve the overall strength and proficiency of Laotian scientists and technicians.

    The center shall commit itself to international cooperation with institutes and companies from within and outside the country. It shall gradually expand its research scopes to cover the whole of Laotian mineral industry. Meanwhile, it plans to steadily improve the portion of Laotian research staff within the center by means of projects execution as well as education and training. 

    The center will be a non-profit research institution, under the supervision of an administrative committee jointly appointed by ISL and the Institute of Science and Technology of Laotian MOST.

    Copyright © 1997-, Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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